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0000058The UnderworldGeneralpublic2020-07-06 02:08
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Product Versionr40 
Summary0000058: Support Lactation Without Breasts

In the current version, lactation is hard-coded to refer specifically to breasts. When the player does not have breasts, this results in a broken description.

Adjusting the description of lactation to allow modder descriptions or the ability to only refer to udders would be much appreciated, kiss kiss.

Might require updates to the Milker entity.

Thanks booooosss

Steps To Reproduce

Make a mod with lactation, but not breasts. Only udder.


Additional Information

Skye is cute gravid hen

TagsCh4: Cowgirl Farm, Text



2020-06-23 05:55


brokengamevalveplsfix.PNG (33,122 bytes)   
brokengamevalveplsfix.PNG (33,122 bytes)   

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