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0000105The UnderworldBugpublic2023-05-26 02:40
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Product Versionr41.6 
Fixed in Versionr42 
Summary0000105: When player is null, options disappear

(Was 'Hanako options disappear if you make it to the first camp unchanged locking you')

As soon as you try to enter the first camp while still riding Hanako (wich will fail because the caravan is not there) you loose the "Hanako" button imediately and also can´t "masturbate" once she raised your lust to 100 effectively locking you in place.

Steps To Reproduce

Stock up on bonerbane
Enter the Desert as usual
Whenever your lust raises to 50+ use a bonerbane
Walk to the first camp (N,E,N,E,E,16xN,14xE,S)

As soon as you try to enter the first camp (the caravan won´t be there) you loose the "Hanako" and "masturbate" buttons.

TagsCh6: Dinoian Desert



2022-10-21 09:43

reporter   ~0000178

Check Attachment file 0000015 for a save


2022-10-21 09:49

reporter   ~0000179

When i load the save to walk to Camp 2 instead without trying to enter Camp1 first the mentioned buttons also disappeared once reaching 100 Lust.


2022-10-21 10:06

reporter   ~0000180

Last edited: 2022-11-08 05:25

It could be connected to ~ 50 steps because around 40-50 steps the buttons disappear only to return and disappear again a few steps later


2022-11-08 05:44

administrator   ~0000183

So, interesting -- this actually wasn't dino related at all. The player was trying to find something to fidget with, and when they didn't have a cock, pussy, or breasts it just silently crashed the logic before the other buttons rendered. Player was getting null'ed due to all the bonerbane in testing, hehe. Fixed in next build.


2023-05-26 02:40

administrator   ~0000189

Now released in r42.

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