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0000112The UnderworldBugpublic2023-07-07 05:22
ReporterBella Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMobile / ChromeOS-OS Version-
Fixed in Versionr43.1 
Summary0000112: Bra's not increasing breast size like they should

Wether its C-cuo bras or the F-cup swimsuit they both dont increase breast size like theyre supposed to.
To be more specific they go up to AA and then stop, even though they should be going to C and F respectively.
I normally play on the mobile chrome version, but i suspect it happens in all versions

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put on C-cup latex bra or F-cup swimsuit bra
  2. Watch as it doesnt work :p
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2023-06-28 03:32

reporter   ~0000201

Made a typo, C-cup not C-cuo, sorry


2023-06-28 04:20

administrator   ~0000202

Thanks for the bug report!


2023-07-07 00:40

administrator   ~0000203

Fixed in next version


2023-07-07 05:13

administrator   ~0000205

Build released with fix


2023-07-07 05:22

administrator   ~0000206

Note: this fix will retroactively fix any old bras on main versions of the game (ex: loading an old save on r43.1 or later will work).

However, Autobuild / WIP versions of the game aren't intended for save/load usage, and thus may still display the bug with old save files.

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