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0000113The UnderworldBugpublic2024-02-17 08:49
ReporterAxeBane Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformDesktop / ChromeOS-OS Version-
Product Versionr43.1 
Fixed in Versionr48 
Summary0000113: Self-Examine Textbox Not Resizing on Window Maximise

As per title, the description of yourself on the left side of the screen doesn't resize itself properly when the window is maximised using either the maximise button or Windows + UpArrow. The box that the text is meant to fill does indeed resize, but the text itself doesn't resize resulting in an awkward issue where there's a half-cropped scrollbar instead of just filling out the available space.

Tested w/ Chrome 114

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch game with a window size where the scrollbar is necessary to display the player's description.
  2. Maximise the window.

Reproducable both in current private build and WIP autobuild.

TagsText, UI



2023-07-17 11:19



2023-07-17 12:52

administrator   ~0000207

Thanks for the bug report!


2023-11-08 05:47

administrator   ~0000215

Fixed! Feel free to give it a go and maximize should work now


2023-11-08 05:48

administrator   ~0000216

(Marking as fixed in r48 for update notes purposes, but really should be working in all current versions, too)


2024-02-17 08:49

administrator   ~0000238

New build released with this fix

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