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0000118The UnderworldBugpublic2023-10-29 03:00
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Product Versionr46 
Fixed in Versionr47 
Summary0000118: Monster Machine crashing

Whenever I attempt to install and use the Monster Machine mod, I get a screen that reads "Lua Error: [LUA Program With No ID]:(10,1-28): attempt to call a nil value
LUA Stack Trace: - doUse; starting at line: 10, character: 1

This is after installing the required Male Spider, Kitsune, and Pig King mods. I've tried installing them before the Monster Machine, after, and even tried installing all the monster mods just to be safe. Same results no matter what. There's also no way to back out of the screen short of quitting the session and starting a new one. However, that's probably not too big a deal since you're expected to save before trying any mods in the first place. Let me know if there's something I'm doing wrong, though.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to Monster Control Room in the Debug Box
  2. Open the Control Panel and select "Browse"
  3. Install Male Spider, Kitsune, and Pig King
  4. Install Monster Machine
  5. Exit the Control Panel and click on the Monster Machine now spawned in the room
  6. Click "Use"
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2023-10-24 06:41



2023-10-25 05:40

administrator   ~0000209

Thanks for the bug report; I have fixed the mod to work now and it should work in current already released version.

FYI it was a problem with the random selection code. Table.keys() doesn't exist in the new lua.

This was the old way of doing it:

keys = table.keys(monsters);
numberOfMonsters = #keys;
randomMonsterIndex = math.random(1, numberOfMonsters);
randomMonsterID = monsters[randomMonsterIndex];

New way of doing it:

randomMonsterID = monsters[ math.random( #monsters ) ];

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