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0000121The UnderworldBugpublic2024-02-17 08:49
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Product Versionr47.01 
Fixed in Versionr48 
Summary0000121: Losing to a Dragon Servant while pregnant as a non-DQ species causes pregnancy to instantly come to term

In the new temple content, while pregnant as non-dragon-queen species, if you lose to a Dragon Servant (triggering the loss sex scene where shi fucks you with hir cock), you will be dumped back outside the temple with an immediately full-term pregnancy (100lbs or 130lbs depending on your belly size when the sex scene happened - most cases seem to do 100, but I've gotten 130 as a dino when losing with a 85lbs preg belly) and no option other than to Masturbate to lay eggs.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Be a species that can get pregnant (wyvern, bunny, dino)
  2. Get pregnant (defeat then fuck the Dragon Disciples in the temple for an easy way to do this)
  3. Go to the post-chapter-4 temple area (regular or dungeon variant, it doesn't matter)
  4. Lose to a Dragon Servant
  5. You get dumped back outside the temple with your pregnancy belly immediately set to max and no option but to lay eggs
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2023-11-17 04:12

administrator   ~0000218

Thanks for the bug report; fixed in next build


2024-02-17 08:49

administrator   ~0000237

New build released with this fix

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