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0000122The UnderworldBugpublic2024-01-13 07:02
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Product Versionr47.01 
Summary0000122: Wyvern breeder: if your mate starts seducing you and takes you to 100 lust, they will not initiate sex

If you're a wyvern breeder with a mate, you are generally expected to have to seduce your mate to get them to actually have sex with you.

This makes sense when you're the one initiating things, but it's also possible that while using the Wait button in the same tile as your mate, the game will have the player character show their body off, be told that the wyvern mate is "obviously interested" and their "arousal visibly grows," and this will trigger the wyvern mate to notice the player and start making lust attacks against them.

If you then lose the "fight" without managing to hit the wyvern mate with a sufficient number of seduce attacks of your own, the loss scene will still tell you your mate is "just not in the mood right now."

This doesn't make sense when the player didn't initiate, since the game clearly states your wyvern mate got horny looking at you and then has them actively try to seduce you.

(Especially if you're not pregnant - there's a lust-addled, fertile wyvern breeder right there begging for a dick, with a mate who is clearly horny and interested, and they're NOT going to take the opportunity to breed the player?)

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Be a wyvern breeder (full transform) in the same tile as your wyvern mate (male or shemale, doesn't matter).

  2. Spam the wait button until you get the following text:
    // Any pretense you had about not being a breeding wyverness is long since gone as you turn away from him, showing off the distinctive heart shaped coloration on your butt -- an obvious sign of your fertility as a breeder. You look back at him seductively, letting out a playful squawk. He seems to be obviously interested, grinning happily at your erotic display for his benefit. His arousal visibly grows as he watches you, as you can tell when your eyes instinctively dart towards his wyvern dick."

  3. Wait one more turn. The wyvern will notice you and start combat, using a lust attack every turn:
    // The green wyvern rises, looking at you with intent interest. You see his member has become erect, and his expression grows hungry as he looks to want to use his mate."

  4. Skip turns until you hit 100 lust. Make sure your breasts are not full, otherwise you'll get a milking scene on defeat.

  5. Masturbate to trigger a loss scene. If your breasts are not full, you will go to the generic "failed to seduce the wyvern mate enough times in combat" defeat scene:
    // You slump to the ground, unable to control your lust any longer.
    Your mate looks over to you, watching you try to masturbate with those useless feathered wingtips. He smirks, knowing the body of a female wyverness can't cum without her mate's help.
    [...] Unfortunately, he's just not in the mood right now.

Additional Information

Expected behavior:

If your mate starts actively trying to seduce you and you lose the fight by being taken to 100 lust, masturbating should always trigger sex and never give the "they're just not in the mood right now" defeat scene.

They initiated and started seducing the player, and the text clearly states they're horny while doing this.

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2023-11-18 12:08

administrator   ~0000219

Thanks for the bug report!


2023-11-18 12:19

reporter   ~0000220

Adding clarifications posted on Discord, just to keep them all in the same place:

  • player character is collared
  • player character is a stage 2 wyvern breeder TF (mate previous impregnated the PC, triggering the stage 2 TF)
  • player character has a vagina
  • player character is at 100 acceptance


2023-11-18 12:25

administrator   ~0000221

Based on above conditions doMonsterVictory() should be choosing to sex the player

Things for me to check later in the mod code:

  • is one of the calls such as getAcceptance() or getBellyPreg() returning bad data / null?
  • is (this.getLust() / this.getLustMax()) doing some integer truncation or something?


2024-01-13 07:02

administrator   ~0000225

Looked into it a bit and writing my notes down for future:

So as coded now, the wyvern has two different thresholds: one at 30% horniness for the wyvern dom to begin doing lust attacks (MINIMUM_INTEREST_LUST_PERCENT), and one at 50% horniness for the wyvern dom to be willing to do sex (MINIMUM_INTEREST_SEX_PERCENT).

It's been a while, but I think I wrote it this way so there was a certain element of the wyvern edging / teasing of the player, but the alert text (WYVERN_ALERT_MATE) kinda suggests she's immediately ready for sex:

The green wyverness rises, looking at you with intent interest. You see her member has become erect, and her expression grows hungry as she looks to want to use her mate.

And the lust attacks are the same in both the casually teasing and actually horny phases.

So, two possible solutions:

A) Make the two thresholds the same, thus removing the pre-horny teasing state (simpler, but loses a bit of the fun edging/teasing gameplay), or
B) Make the idly teasing phase more distinct with more accurate alert text & lust attacks, and another phase change alert when they're actually horny enough for sex.

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