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0000125The UnderworldBugpublic2024-02-03 14:09
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PlatformMobile / APKOS.OS Version.
Summary0000125: Minotaur not being defeated

Minotaur still kills you after being defeated. Forcing Cowgirl status on you.

Steps To Reproduce

Interact with the Farm
Attack Minotaur repeatedly, count on RNG to dodge at least one punch
Even after getting the victory dialoge, and the item drop, the Minotaur gets to still attack and wreck you

TagsCh4: Cowgirl Farm



2024-01-27 15:41



2024-01-28 00:01

administrator   ~0000226

Oh wow, I didn't even know you could defeat minotaur!


2024-02-03 14:09

reporter   ~0000229

Can replicate this on the Desktop Client as well, At least if you have the luck to RNG the dodges.

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