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Summary0000022: Passing the Desert

Chapter 6 contains multiple bugs that have, so far, made it nearly impossible to clear it. First, Hanako can't steer the player towards the camp. She will be pleased with the player for going in a random straight line, but then get angry when they try to change direction at the inevitable dead-end. Multiple attempts had her steering the player in opposite directions.

Second, there are frequent instances when all option buttons except "Inventory" and "Wait" are missing, blocking off all progress and forcing a restart. This happens most commonly when the player character is impregnated and forced to lay, but their Lust is too low to allow the "Masturbate" option. It can also happen at seemingly random times, regardless or the player's Lust, breast size, or belly size.

Speaking of breast size, despite the text saying otherwise, F-cup or G-cup breasts do not gradually arouse the player as they normally do outside of this section. If they did, it might help avoid the issue stated in the previous paragraph. As it is, the player Lust only increases whenever their cup size increases, which can only happen until their breasts reach G-cups.

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So far, I've had no luck avoiding these issues, so I have no idea how anyone couldn't encounter them.

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