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0000023The UnderworldBugpublic2021-08-16 23:21
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Fixed in Version41.01 
Summary0000023: Hanako illogical navigation in desert

(Splitting bug report 0000021 by @BlakLite into separate bugs)

Chapter 6 contains multiple bugs that have, so far, made it nearly impossible to clear it. First, Hanako can't steer the player towards the camp. She will be pleased with the player for going in a random straight line, but then get angry when they try to change direction at the inevitable dead-end. Multiple attempts had her steering the player in opposite directions.

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related to 0000021 closed Passing the Desert 



2019-09-08 23:12

administrator   ~0000034

@blaklite Can you let me know what version of flash player you are running in? The only time I've heard of strange pathfinding is on very old versions of flash


2019-09-09 07:46

administrator   ~0000039

Tested in r38 on a chapter skip save and it appears to work, at least at first. Suspecting old flash player, but it could be something else breaking it if maybe this only happens later on (instead of immediately?)


2019-09-10 17:08

reporter   ~0000043

I'm running Adobe Flash Player 16. I downloaded a standalone version of Flash Player some time ago.


2019-09-10 20:11

administrator   ~0000046

Ah, that might be the problem. The latest version of standalone is, can you try on that please?


2019-09-10 21:33

reporter   ~0000047

I downloaded the latest version, but I'm still running into the issue.


2019-10-03 05:49

administrator   ~0000054

I saw in Discord:
I've been playing a downloaded SWF file, not the browser version In the browser version, everything seems to be working as intended so far
Good to hear that it's running for you in-browser, though I'm curious as to why the desktop version is behaving oddly. The other user who reported this issue was running on Mac OSX, is that your operating system also?


2019-10-03 19:15

reporter   ~0000057

No, my operating system is Windows 10.

Before I switched to the browser version, I tried skipping ahead to the Aquarium chapter, where I encountered at least one more bug whereby luring the couple into the petting pool and waiting for the mysterious entity would softlock the game. Although I haven't tested it yet, I imagine the browser version will not have the same issue.


2021-06-30 05:03

administrator   ~0000107

Should now be fixed.

Two reasons: A) because the new engine has an entirely new pathfinding system, among many other re-writes. B) besides that, I believe this was in the category of weird flash-version specific issues.

If you can get it to happen again in 41.01+ (new engine version), please do let me know and I'll bump this back to needs fix.

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