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0000024The UnderworldBugpublic2022-04-12 05:01
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Summary0000024: Unable to lay eggs in chapter 6 when fully pregnant / ready to lay

(Splitting bug report 0000021 into separate bugs)

There are frequent instances when all option buttons except "Inventory" and "Wait" are missing, blocking off all progress and forcing a restart. This happens most commonly when the player character is impregnated and forced to lay, but their Lust is too low to allow the "Masturbate" option. It can also happen at seemingly random times, regardless or the player's Lust, breast size, or belly size.

TagsCh6: Dinoian Desert


related to 0000021 closed Passing the Desert 



2019-09-08 23:15

administrator   ~0000035

@blaklite - Can you make a save file in a slot you don't use frequently that shows this bug? Then I can see what's going on.


2019-09-10 17:09

reporter   ~0000044

I copied save files into slots 4 and 5. Is that all you need, or do I need to upload something?


2019-09-10 20:09

administrator   ~0000045

That's all I need, thanks! If you don't mind, please keep it there for a bit until I can take a look at this issue :)


2019-09-16 03:44

administrator   ~0000050

Hmmm, I tried this using both saves but was unable to reproduce it, including when I had zero lust but full belly. I get a masturbate button pop up when my belly reaches 100, even if my lust is zero.

Are you able to make a save when you're stuck in the state directly? IE when you have no masturbation options on screen, then make the save. Ideally when you load it back in, it would show the same lack of masturbation options. You can overwrite 4 or 5 if you want to.


2019-09-16 17:28

reporter   ~0000053

I did as you asked and saved my game to slot 5.


2022-04-12 05:01

administrator   ~0000135

Does this still happen in version r41.51 or above? There was a bunch of fixes to the dino chapter in the new engine so I suspect this is probably now resolved

If it does still happen, can you upload a new save file on the latest version of the game (feel free to use chapter skip) showing the player in a locked / no buttons state via the save file tool? (instructions: )

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