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0000027The UnderworldBugpublic2020-03-16 00:45
ReporterSkyCorp Assigned ToSkyCorp  
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Product Versionr37.01 
Fixed in Versionr40 
Summary0000027: Game considers tattoos suspicious items

Not sure if it's a bug but the game considers tattoos as "suspicious items", so you can't get into The Pound or the Aquarium with one, and I'm not sure if there's a way to remove them?

Should tattoos be considered unsafe?

Reported by Cheren V2 in discord.

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2019-09-09 18:04

reporter   ~0000040

The latest version fixes Tattoos being dropped when turning into a cow, but does not fix Tattoos being considered suspicious items. This completely halts profession and prevents one from entering more than one story related area, locking off content for that save permanently.


2020-02-26 06:30

administrator   ~0000073

Thought this over and decided to allow them. The next build will allow tattoos and piercings (affects stripclub, aquarium, and Valery).

This does open up some cheese potential, and a ton more stuck bad end potential -- however, tattoos and piercings are explicitly warned about bad ends in the store before you can equip them. Plus, getting stuck in the dungeons can sometimes be fun~


2020-03-16 00:45

administrator   ~0000082

Game update r40 released!

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