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0000029The UnderworldBugpublic2019-09-16 04:15
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PlatformSWFOS.OS Version.
Product Versionr38 
Fixed in Versionr39 
Summary0000029: Load error

Upon attempting to load my save that's just after becoming part of the Whoredra, the following text appears as an error:
"Could not load savefile!

Error during load:

Could not find entity who player is addicted to cum for"

Steps To Reproduce

I'd guess that if you saved immediately after becoming part of the Whoredra (I think the earliest opportunity is after you're renamed to "Cream"), it would probably reproduce the error.

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2019-09-12 01:35

reporter   ~0000048

Trying again immediately after gives some different text (in attached image)

Screenshot (1709).png (42,852 bytes)   
Screenshot (1709).png (42,852 bytes)   


2019-09-16 04:15

administrator   ~0000051

Thanks for the bug report!

This bug happens whenever you save the game before visiting Anica, close the game, and load the new save (somewhat rare since you'd normally travel through her area given its central location.)

It is now fixed in the next build.

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