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0000067The UnderworldGeneralpublic2021-11-13 05:39
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PlatformSWFOS.OS Version.
Product Versionr40 
Fixed in Versionr41.5 
Summary0000067: PC transformed into a frog cannot breathe underwater

It is technically possible to enter the Aquarium as a frog, but the PC still needs air despite being an amphibious creature, and leaves slime underwater.

Steps To Reproduce

Lose to a frog girl, start the transformation and shove her from yourself. Get frog legs TF using slime and stop. Go to the park and use Foxtail to TF your hands and feet (but not legs). Dress up, you'll have 60/100 exposure which will allow you to leave the Underworld. Go to the Aquarium, use the slime you produce to completely turn into a frog, and enter the water.

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2021-01-11 11:09

administrator   ~0000101

Good points!


2021-11-13 05:39

administrator   ~0000120

Fixed in next release!

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