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0000079The UnderworldBugpublic2021-11-04 08:45
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Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Versionr41.4 
Summary0000079: Catgirl TFs do not make the player fully female

Cat TF is behaving a bit oddly.

Currently in 41.4, assuming the player is male:

1) Catgirl Tea TF (via debug room): TFs the player and give them a vagina + breasts, but is not removing cock
2) Catgirl TF via Bill: TF the player to have breasts, but does not give vagina and does not remove cock

Catgirl tea should probably remove dick. ;)

Additional Information

Even old versions like 32 seem to have had the Tea issue (1)

TagsCh5: The Pound


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