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0000079The UnderworldBugpublic2022-08-03 03:48
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Product Versionr41.4 
Summary0000079: An option for catgirl TF to make player fully female

Catgirl TF does not currently remove dick (chapter actually does support shemale playthrough)

Currently in 41.4, assuming the player is male:

1) Catgirl Tea TF (via debug room): TFs the player and give them a vagina + breasts, but is not removing cock
2) Catgirl TF via Bill: TF the player to have breasts, but does not give vagina and does not remove cock

Additional Information

Even old versions like 32 seem to have had the Tea issue (1)

TagsCh5: The Pound



2022-08-03 03:48

administrator   ~0000159

Updating description as I'm leaning towards this not actually being a bug, since none of the chapter text requires a vagina to be functional. It actually seems to be fully shemale compatible (assuming dick is small enough to fit into clothing).

That said, maybe this TF should use the cockring to determine whether to remove player cock or not? Then it'd be consistent with dragon queen chapter. (May need to signposts that this is the way to set your preference? Or just make it an actual game preference)

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