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0000084The UnderworldBugpublic2022-02-06 00:27
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Product Versionr41.5 
Fixed in Versionr41.51 
Summary0000084: Get knocked out in sewers waking up in aquarium

When you get knocked out in sewers, you wake up in the aquarium

Steps To Reproduce

Ok, this is how I got it to happen twice in a row.
Step 1, get knocked out the first time, and get forcefully transformed into either a frog or a slug, when it happened to me both time, it was as a frog.
Step 2, get knocked out a second time while being in frog form
Wake up in aquarium

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2022-02-05 22:41

administrator   ~0000124

Thanks for the bug report! Looking into now


2022-02-05 23:46

administrator   ~0000125


I wasn't able to reproduce this happening when the player is a slug, but it definitely happens when the player is a frog. They get sent to the aquarium, which they get stuck in because there's no guard there to let them out.

This was because the respawn logic would respawn anything that could breathe underwater in the aquarium, which worked fine for the new aquatic species, but broke when frogs were later allowed to breathe underwater. Now each species can specify where they should respawn directly, and the aquarium is only defined for the ch7 species.

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