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0000087The UnderworldBugpublic2022-06-04 06:25
ReporterAkutheavali Assigned To 
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PlatformDesktop / ChromeOS-OS Version-
Product Versionr41.51 
Fixed in Versionr41.6 
Summary0000087: Interesting softlock with the pound

I booted up the underworld and hopped into chapter 7, and I used the debug box to go and tf myself into a catgirl via catgirl tea.
Afterwards I went to the pound entrance thinking I could get the name candy as a fun name for chapter 7.
And as I entered the entrance I was softlocked unable to move up or down, and unable to get past the guard due to being a mutant. And because I was a catgirl they wouldn't let me leave aswell.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Boot up a new game and head into chapter 7
  2. Use the debug box to tf yourself into a catgirl
  3. Go to the pounds enterance
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2022-03-04 23:49

administrator   ~0000126

Fixed in next release

Bouncer didn't recognize player as an employee for entering since they never got technically hired, but recognized player as a cat for denying exit. Now if they're a cat, the game logic will hire them automatically.

(Note that it doesn't change the player's name though since there's currently no way to change it back.)


2022-06-04 06:25

administrator   ~0000146

Should now be fixed in r41.6, now released. If you see the problem again, please post a comment here!

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