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0000099The UnderworldBugpublic2022-08-06 05:33
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Product Versionr41.6 
Fixed in Versionr41.69 
Summary0000099: No method to milk self in farm post-farm victory

(Noticed there was a workaround, so this wasn't actually a hardcrash issue; title updated)


Was: After beating Micky and choosing to TF Micky, you can get stuck if you revisit farm.

If you intentionally re-cow yourself (ie, through debug items or grinding farm items on the farm), you can get stuck unable to get far out of the barn since you're too milky and Sasha doesn't want to milk you anymore.

Sasha should milk you in order to prevent a situation where it's a constant death loop. (Will also give you a chance to escape)

Steps To Reproduce

1) After having previously beaten Micky and chosen to TF him, then coming back:
2) [FYI Just losing normally as a human does not trigger re-tf sequence. You respawn at Nixie's.]
3) Grind cow TF items at farm (or use debug room)
4) Losing as a cow makes you respawn at the farm.
5) Udder too full to get far, note Sasha doesn't want to milk you.
6) Now stuck in infinite death loop (the enemies don't milk you enough even when you beat them).

TagsCh4: Cowgirl Farm



2022-08-04 04:33

administrator   ~0000163

Fixed in next build; This fix will let you hang out in farm and still be milked instead of dying.

After chapter finishes, it's possible the player might re-TF themselves into a cowgirl. Currently, the
game has no post-ending / return content, so the two characters are just hanging out in the milker room.
There's already a way to humanify back to normal. However, if the player wants to hang around in the farm
while their udder is full, they need some way of being milked.
1) For pro-Micky ending, spawn a milker (fictionally, Micky doesn't seem to want to bother milking player
and supposedly Sasha is getting railed)
2a) For pro-Sasha ending, can just have Sasha milk the player.
2b) In addition, the player can now use the spawned tandalone milker since having the milking machine might
be fun as an option, since it can also dispense growth hormone to make the player even more milky, etc
Later on, when/if there is actual post-chapter / return to cow chapter content, this may be changed.

Noticed there was a workaround (humanify yourself via Sasha), so this wasn't actually a hardcrash issue.


2022-08-06 05:33

administrator   ~0000170

Build released

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