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0000072The UnderworldBugpublic2022-06-04 06:24
ReporterUeh8GANHz3HHsRgt3Ta Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMobile / FirefoxOS-OS Version-
Product Version41.01 
Fixed in Versionr41.6 
Summary0000072: UI buttons on bottom of screen are cut off on mobile

I'm unable to click some of the ui buttons on mobile as they are cut off. On Firefox the top row I can click but I can't see the bottom row. On chrome neither is visible

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related to 0000088 closed only showing top row of controls 



2021-06-30 22:24

administrator   ~0000109

Yep, mobile support isn't implemented yet, but is planned!


2022-04-12 04:43

administrator   ~0000131

Hello, mobile should now be implemented. Can you confirm this works now for you?

You may have to enter fullscreen mode, which the game should prompt you to do.


2022-05-23 21:09

administrator   ~0000139

Been working on a set of mobile fixes, including one that will prevent buttons from being cut off even in non-fullscreen


2022-06-04 06:24

administrator   ~0000141

Should now be fixed in r41.6, now released. If you see the problem again, please post a comment here!

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