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0000088The UnderworldGeneralpublic2022-06-04 06:24
Reporterkoblivious Assigned To 
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PlatformMobile / FirefoxOS-OS Version-
Product Versionr41.51 
Fixed in Versionr41.6 
Summary0000088: only showing top row of controls

i attempted to play the game for the first time in a couple of years and noticed only play through browser was available (inconvenient but fine)
but the bottom prow of controls wont display on my s21 ultra (i tried portrait and landscape mode) rendering the game unplayable on that device

Steps To Reproduce

i open the game in firefox browser on my s21 ultra



related to 0000072 closed UI buttons on bottom of screen are cut off on mobile 



2022-04-08 23:01

administrator   ~0000127

Thanks for the bug report!

I just tried emulating in firefox dev mode for that device's viewport (one site says 360x800, another site says 384x854) and the game was able to fit into both viewports successfully.

I'm not ultra (:P) familiar with mobile browsers, but maybe it's calculating the viewport including the bottom row for UI buttons and stuff...

Did you try enabling fullscreen mode? There should be a popup for it as soon as you launch the game (try starting a new session if not)


2022-05-04 00:49

reporter   ~0000138

If you open to a already running game it should already be full screen but with the tab showing the web address should be at the top of the screen just tap and hold on it and swipe it away another fix is backing out and resuming the current session shown in pic 2


2022-05-23 21:10

administrator   ~0000140

Been working on a set of mobile fixes, including one that will prevent buttons from being cut off even in non-fullscreen


2022-06-04 06:24

administrator   ~0000142

Should now be fixed in r41.6, now released. If you see the problem again, please post a comment here!

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