0000067: [General] PC transformed into a frog cannot breathe underwater
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Released 2021-08-19
Port Whoredra to new engine + bugfixes
0000077: [Bug] Poll results stopped working
0000076: [Bug] Console cookie error on Account.php
0000074: [Bug] Horseshoe missing from debug rooms
0000032: [Bug] Whoredra gets stuck in farm
0000071: [Bug] Whoredra can decide to get tattoos/piercings that then cause AI to softlock
0000033: [Bug] Cow transformation removes Whoredra heads
0000031: [Bug] Whoredra clothing can loop infinitely on oversized penis/belly
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Released 2021-06-30
New engine (web version) released to all active game subscribers.
0000023: [Bug] Hanako illogical navigation in desert
0000025: [Bug] Dinoian bindings don't increase lust for large breast sizes
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Released 2021-06-23
Initial release of web version to WIP backers
0000064: [Bug] Report bug not in the community menu
0000043: [Idea] Logout button
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Released 2020-03-15
Succubunny Part II, Sell System, and Elijah
0000015: [Bug] Softlock at Pound's Bouncer (SkyCorp)
0000019: [Bug] Expired (BMT) subscriptions don't show renew link right away
0000027: [Bug] Game considers tattoos suspicious items (SkyCorp)
0000035: [Bug] Hanako scene collects eggs, but they are left in desert (SkyCorp)
0000040: [Bug] Sex with Dawn does not reset lust (SkyCorp)
0000045: [Bug] Whale Show Typo
0000048: [Bug] Cannot milk udder with milking machine without breasts (SkyCorp)
0000049: [Bug] function speciesNatureTick() not triggering (SkyCorp)
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Released 2019-11-17
0000020: [Bug] Name Typo
0000044: [Idea] Flash Player Version Check
0000041: [Bug] Resting at Nixie's doesn't reset TV status
0000042: [Bug] Regular's House should be called Nova's House
0000014: [Bug] Level 7 makes player weak
0000029: [Bug] Load error
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Released 2019-08-07
0000026: [Bug] Turning into cow drops tattoos
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