0000131: [Bug] End of milker cow TF refers to Micky instead of Doris
1 issue View Issues
Released 2024-02-18
0000109: [Bug] Multiple KritaCows
0000129: [Bug] Hard lock discovered in Return to The Farm content
2 issues View Issues
Released 2023-11-23
0000113: [Bug] Self-Examine Textbox Not Resizing on Window Maximise
0000121: [Bug] Losing to a Dragon Servant while pregnant as a non-DQ species causes pregnancy to instantly come to term
2 issues View Issues
0000119: [Bug] Softlock entering dragon temple
1 issue View Issues
Released 2023-10-28
0000118: [Bug] Monster Machine crashing
0000114: [Bug] Chapter Select - Ch 5 doesn't complete Ch 4 content
2 issues View Issues
Released 2023-07-07

Chapter skip character customize screen + bug fix point release

0000112: [Bug] Bra's not increasing breast size like they should
0000111: [Bug] Mod Dungeon Not working
0000110: [Bug] Buttons being pushed upwards in landscape mode
3 issues View Issues
Released 2023-06-18
0000101: [Bug] Quit to Main Menu does not work on iOS Safari (X13)
0000108: [Bug] Milky slug die on dungeon milker
2 issues View Issues
Released 2023-05-25

Procedurally generated Swamp dungeon, slug still, secret Easter egg, level limiter tattoo/piercing, and misc bug fixes.

0000105: [Bug] When player is null, options disappear
0000107: [Bug] Grammar error in intro
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Bug fix update

0000096: [Bug] Loading results in misconfigured mobile UI
0000063: [Bug] Save/load forgets that Micky was TF'ed
0000091: [Bug] Bosses can be beaten multiple times for duplicate loot?
0000093: [Bug] Eggs do not delete after being used
0000095: [Bug] Infinite hp ----> broken map glitch
0000097: [Bug] When loading, unexplored room links are missing
0000098: [Idea] Links to other maps do not render on map
0000099: [Bug] No method to milk self in farm post-farm victory
8 issues View Issues
Released 2022-06-03

Web App version + Mobile Overhaul

0000053: [Bug] Succubunny w/ Elijah scene text typo
0000054: [Bug] Arya typo
0000068: [Bug] Height does not save
0000087: [Bug] Interesting softlock with the pound
0000088: [General] only showing top row of controls
0000072: [Bug] UI buttons on bottom of screen are cut off on mobile
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Fix frog death respawning player in Aquarium

0000084: [Bug] Get knocked out in sewers waking up in aquarium
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Released 2022-02-04


0000083: [Bug] Game crashes with lots of text
0000067: [General] PC transformed into a frog cannot breathe underwater
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Released 2021-08-19

Port Whoredra to new engine + bugfixes

0000077: [Bug] Poll results stopped working
0000076: [Bug] Console cookie error on Account.php
0000074: [Bug] Horseshoe missing from debug rooms
0000032: [Bug] Whoredra gets stuck in farm
0000071: [Bug] Whoredra can decide to get tattoos/piercings that then cause AI to softlock
0000033: [Bug] Cow transformation removes Whoredra heads
0000031: [Bug] Whoredra clothing can loop infinitely on oversized penis/belly
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Released 2021-06-30

New engine (web version) released to all active game subscribers.

0000023: [Bug] Hanako illogical navigation in desert
0000025: [Bug] Dinoian bindings don't increase lust for large breast sizes
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Released 2021-06-23

Initial release of web version to WIP backers

0000064: [Bug] Report bug not in the community menu
0000043: [Idea] Logout button
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Released 2020-03-15

Succubunny Part II, Sell System, and Elijah

0000015: [Bug] Softlock at Pound's Bouncer (SkyCorp)
0000019: [Bug] Expired (BMT) subscriptions don't show renew link right away
0000027: [Bug] Game considers tattoos suspicious items (SkyCorp)
0000035: [Bug] Hanako scene collects eggs, but they are left in desert (SkyCorp)
0000040: [Bug] Sex with Dawn does not reset lust (SkyCorp)
0000045: [Bug] Whale Show Typo
0000048: [Bug] Cannot milk udder with milking machine without breasts (SkyCorp)
0000049: [Bug] function speciesNatureTick() not triggering (SkyCorp)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2019-11-17


0000020: [Bug] Name Typo
0000044: [Idea] Flash Player Version Check
0000041: [Bug] Resting at Nixie's doesn't reset TV status
0000042: [Bug] Regular's House should be called Nova's House
0000014: [Bug] Level 7 makes player weak
0000029: [Bug] Load error
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Released 2019-08-07


0000026: [Bug] Turning into cow drops tattoos
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